Plagiarism Check

Authors will submit only entirely original works and will appropriately cite or quote the work and/or words of others. Publications that have been influential in determining the nature of the reported work should also be cited. All authors are required to run Plagiarism Check on their article manuscripts before they can submit them for review to the editorial team.

For a self-check on Plagiarism, overall 10% or less similarity is allowed not including word similarities in the Bibliography/References section and Survey forms and the like. 

The JMUST Authoring System has embedded the service of a third-party service provider, Copyleaks, for checking plagiarism. Copyleaks compares the contents of the article manuscript against various databases and the Internet and highlights not only identical content but also similar content and their original sources. This helps authors, reviewers, and editors to ensure that the articles published by JMUST adhere to rigorous ethical standards. 

Copyleaks is trusted and being used by various leading organizations and Universities in the world.